How US Earnings and Inflation Data Can Guide African Investors

How US Earnings and Inflation Data Can Guide African Investors.

African investors, at home and in the diaspora, are looking for global investment opportunities that can boost their wealth. This week, they can learn from US earnings reports and inflation data, which have implications for different sectors and markets. Here are some key points and tips for African investors to consider.  US Earnings Season Some […]

From US Equities to Bitcoin: Navigating the Best Investment Opportunities for Africans in 2023

Investment for Africans

In this week’s market notes, we journey across continents, from the vibrant spectacle of US equities, through the enduring South African rand (ZAR), and onto the fascinating terrain of Bitcoin. For those seeking lucrative private investment opportunities and optimal investments for Africans, it’s an intricate economic ballet. This is your exclusive backstage pass, African investors, […]

African Retail Investors Can Master Global Investments to Unlock Potential

African Retail Investors

As African retail investors, it’s crucial to be in the know about key global financial occurrences and their impact on our local markets. That’s why we are diving deep into dropping manufacturing PMIs, commodity supply issues, currency oscillations, and shifts in US equities. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll also shed light […]