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Begin a journey where your capital or client funds transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking financial growth. Gone are the days when the stock market and bonds were your only options. At Opportunik, we’re about giving you more ways to grow your wealth and reach your financial goals.

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, we make it simple to create an investment portfolio that stands out. Let’s build your wealth differently.

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Prosperity for Africans Through Alternative Investments

The journey to wealth is an open road for every African, at home and abroad. Our philosophy is simple: we believe that access to wealth should be a right, not a privilege, and alternative investments are the pathway. Alternative investments encompass a broad spectrum of assets such as commodities, digital assets, REITS, collectibles, private equity, hedge funds, venture funds and more. Therefore, they provide diversification, risk mitigation, and the potential for higher returns. They also serve as a hedge against market volatility as they are not correlated to conventional markets.

Opening Doors to Wealth

Alternative investments can accelerate prosperity for Africans! Therefore, our mission is to unlock the full spectrum of opportunities that have been out of reach for Africans, until now. With a CIMA license, we’re not just opening doors; we’re bridging the gap between the global South and North. At Opportunik we are empowering individuals and institutions with the tools to participate in Africa’s growth. By investing a significant portion of our portfolio on the continent, we are igniting economic transformation.

Our Impact

Our early investors have seen their money grow steadily by 3%-4% every quarter, beating the global indices we benchmark against.

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Choose Your Investment Path

Whether you’re an investment pro or beginner, we’ve got you covered. Want to play it safe or ready to chase big returns? We can help. Simply choose the path that matches your dreams, and we’ll create the right portfolio for you.

“I imagine a future where prosperity, not poverty, is synonymous with Africa. This is only possible when we make wealth creation opportunities common to all Africans. This is what Opportunik exists for.”

Kola Oyeneyin

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Join us on a journey to financial independence through alternative investments.

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