Our Funds

Sahara Fund

A dynamic portfolio for aspiring investors.

Minimum Entry: $1,000 – $19,999

Target Return: 10% – 12%

Sahel Fund

Crafted for those who aim higher and seek more from their personal wealth.

Minimum Entry: $20,000 – $99,999

Target Return: 13% – 15%

Nile Fund

Created for sophisticated investors, looking to actively grow their wealth through a well balanced portfolio.

Minimum Entry: $100,000 – $250,000

Target Return: 15% & above

Zambezi Fund

For institutional, corporate, and high-net-worth investors expecting a commensurate return on investment for their substantial capital deployment.

Minimum Entry: $250,000+

Target Return: 18% & above

Fund Performance (Q1 - 2024)

Despite the choppiness and volatility of the 1st quarter, due to multiple market factors, we met our targets for the quarter and on track to surpassing our 2024 target for each of our funds.

Q1 provided a litmus test for our 2024 investment hypotheses, highlighted in our monthly CEO Note, particularly in the face of volatile global markets across various sectors. Our insights proved prescient, especially in our AI , Digital Assets and Commodities investment selections, as the leading sectors continued to outperform and exceed expectations.

Fund performance q1

Asset Classes

Opportunities to invest in Real Estate; a type of investment known for reliable income, long-term growth, and diversification.

Shares in privately-held companies which hold the promise of significant returns, enhanced by hands-on management.

Income-generating opportunities through loans to private companies outside of traditional bank lending.

Investments in innovative startups with substantial return potential.

Tangible assets ranging from precious metals to energy resources, providing a solid hedge and diversification option for investors.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets  for high growth and liquidity.

A dynamic asset class focused on currency trading. Offers liquidity and the potential for profit from movements in global exchange rates.

Customized investment opportunities that combine different assets to meet specific goals related to risk and return.

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