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Presently, inflation has evolved to become a central topic of concern in worldwide economic debates. This phenomenon, when it leads to higher …

Creating wealth in Africa, for those both within the continent and its diaspora, is a pathway to economic empowerment. Read on for …

African diaspora, a globally scattered community of individuals with shared roots, has long been recognized for its potential to contribute to the …

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Co-created by Opportunik, Volition Entertainment, Media and Art (VEMA) is a trailblazing model for private equity in African entertainment. It funded The Black Book, Africa’s most successful movie on any streaming platform.


The African Entertainment, Media, and Art (AfEMA) is our pioneering model for private equity and alternative investment for the creative industry in Africa. By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we aim to unlock the immense potential of Africa’s creative talent and generate sustainable returns for our investors.