We’re thrilled to share some exciting news! Opportunik Global Fund has just completed its first year, and we’re proud to report that our performance has exceeded expectations.

Last week, we officially reported our results to our earliest investors, marking a significant milestone. We achieved an impressive 12.48% return (net of fees), surpassing our initial projection of 10% for the first year.

Additionally, we’re also proud to announce a remarkable 5.8% return for May 2024. This strong performance highlights our ability to adapt and thrive regardless of global economic realities and unexpected market challenges. May’s performance put us at the top, outperforming the top global funds that we are benchmarked against. It also positions us for a potential 8% year-to-date (YTD) performance, by June 30.

Your Success is Our Reward

Our investors’ satisfaction is our top priority. One valued investor shared her experience, stating: “This is the highest return I have ever received on a USD investment in all my years of investing.” This testimonial amongst many others reflects the tangible benefits and confidence that investing with OGF can bring.

June Investment Window

As we continue on our journey to creating wealth through alternative global investment opportunities earlier inaccessible to Africans, we invite you to explore investment options with the Sahara, Sahel, Nile, or Zambezi funds. Despite the current volatility in global markets, we remain confident that our alternative investment strategy will deliver strong results over the medium to long term.

Begin your journey with us by creating your account here. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your investment options in more detail, please book a free one-on-one wealth planning session with our wealth management team here. Contact us today as we look forward to guiding and supporting you on your investment journey. 

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