We believe that the only way to accelerate prosperity for Africans is through alternative investments. We are not just a fund, we are wealth accelerators!

As a CIMA-licensed fund, we specialize in unlocking the wealth potential of our clients through innovative investment strategies to serve both individual aspirations and institutional ambitions, providing access to uncommon asset classes. Our focus is on alternative investments, handpicked for their ability to generate lasting value.

Administered by Accuvise Administrators, a registered fund administrator with over $216 million in Assets Under Administration, OGF’s investors face minimal currency or political risks. Whether you're investing for personal financial targets or on behalf of an institution, we offer the insight and opportunities to help your portfolio grow faster. 

Our mission is clear: to unlock prosperity for Africans through alternative investments.

For us, alternative investments are a critical pathway to a more secure and prosperous financial future for you. Because Alternative Investments encompass a broad spectrum of assets such as commodities, digital assets, REITS, collectibles, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and more, it provides diversification, risk mitigation, and the potential for higher returns. They serve as a hedge against market volatility and offer opportunities not bound by or correlated to conventional investments.

OGF is crafted with a keen eye on sectors and asset classes to ensure that the risk-reward ratio is optimally balanced within our dynamic portfolio mix. Our approach seeks to avoid over-exposure to any specific asset class, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to our ESG goals. Our core portfolio mix comprises a well-diversified selection of real estate, commodities, equities, and fixed-income products.

OGF is a medium-risk fund. Loss to capital, if any, will be minimal as the risk ratios are capped. We have designed a well-adjusted fund to ensure we are not overly exposed to any asset class and to remain compliant with global ESG goals.

The fund has a 2-year tenure. Every contribution is scheduled to run for 2 years with an annual payment of returns.

The projected return on investment is currently between 10%-18%+ per annum. Depending on global market dynamics, ROI could go as high as 20%. We believe that every investor deserves the chance to reap the rewards of their hard-earned funds, regardless of the size of their investment. That's why we have also put in place a performance incentive motivating us to exceed this projected target.

Clients have the option for returns to be paid out into their bank accounts or to be reinvested in the fund.

The fund is not subject to income, withholding, or capital gains taxes in the Cayman Islands. Further details on tax implications in your country of residence can be obtained from your tax advisor.

The Cayman Islands provides global access to Africans and diasporans, and ensures ease of entry and exit for clients.

The Cayman Islands provides global access to Africans and diasporans, and ensures ease of entry and exit for clients.

individuals, corporate and institutional investors. In keeping with our philosophy that access to wealth is a right for every African, not a privilege,, we aim to eliminate any discrepancies between retail and institutional investors. OGF welcomes both African and diasporan investors alike on this exciting journey of a more inclusive financial future for all.

A family office or trust may invest in OGF. Please contact us about this provision, if you are a US person.

OGF provides an investment opportunity to the middle-class and mass affluent who are traditionally excluded from global funds. Additionally, the fund helps African investors to hedge against currency devaluation, inflationary pressures, and political exposure on the continent.

African investors have historically faced significant barriers to global funds due to stringent due diligence and KYC requirements, unlike their European or American counterparts. At OGF, we are committed to upholding AML/CTF compliance standards while recognizing the unique inclusion challenges faced by African investors. Therefore, we have designed a fund that considers the African context, alongside a KYC process that does not discriminate or systematically exclude potential investors. We firmly believe that the color of one's passport should not be a barrier to accessing opportunities for financial prosperity. By providing access, we aim to create a fairer world where everyone has a chance to prosper.

$5,000 with optional top-ups in multiples of $1,000

Our investment tiers are distinctly structured: the Sahara tier starts at $1,000, the Sahel tier escalates to $20,000, the Nile tier is designed for retail investors at $100,000, and the Zambezi tier, catering to institutional investors, stands at $250,000.

Yes, you can invest with others to make up the minimum amount. But a single entity must represent you.

The KYC and onboarding fees are set at $25 for the Sahara fund, $50 for the Sahel fund, and $100 for both the Nile and Zambezi funds.

This fee covers the administrative cost of documentation verification.

You can re-invest monthly with a minimum of $1,000 after your initial subscription in any of the funds.

The fund is designed as a 2-year fixed-tenured investment. However, you receive returns annually.

The fund is designed as a 2-year fixed-tenured investment. However, you receive returns annually.