Our Story

Opportunik is a team of successful entrepreneurs, fund managers and researchers who believe wealth creation should have no boundaries or limitations. Inspired by the transformative growth of middle classes in Asia and Latin America, we are dedicated to making this a reality in Africa.

Remittances are a lifeline to Africa’s economy, but they’re just the beginning. Our research indicates that in order to close wealth gaps in Africa, there’s a need to accelerate wealth creation by seven- to ten-fold. 

Opportunik is poised to be the catalyst for this growth. With Africa’s investable wealth expected to reach $3 trillion by 2031 and a young, entrepreneurial population ready to lead the charge, the time for African prosperity is now.

All Africans should THRIVE







“He who builds only huts cannot expect to become a king. Traditional investments may build the hut; alternative investments build the kingdom.”

Dean Onyambu, Executive Head - Trading

Leadership Team

Dean Onyambu

Executive Head, Treasury and Trading


Ify Okafor

Lead, Investor Relations

Board of Directors


Efosa Ojomo

Board Advisor

Fund Administrator

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Opportunik Global Fund is administered by Accuvise, a registered fund administrator with over $216 million in Assets. With decades of combined experience in the financial services and wealth management industries, Accuvise delivers in-depth analysis and data-driven results for corporate and private clients.

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Individual Investors

Whether it’s ambitious young professionals taking their first investment steps or retirees looking for stable income, our mission is to speed up the journey towards building, growing, and eventually passing on wealth.

Institutional Investors

We serve pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices and businesses looking to meet their financial goals and impact objectives.

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