Unlocking African Prosperity

Alternative Investments are Africa’s gateway to unprecedented prosperity. Just as Africa leapfrogged landlines in favour of mobile technology for financial inclusion and communication, it has to bypass traditional investments, pivoting to alternative ones in order to unlock prosperity.

Central to this transformation is the middle class & diaspora, a powerhouse with USD 2.4 trillion in investable capital, projected to surge to USD 3 trillion by 2031 and about $100Billion of remittances to Africa annually.

This report highlights how innovative investment strategies, emphasizing remittances and alternative assets, are the linchpin. For fund managers, institutional investors, pensions fund managers and investors targeting this expanding market, our research and insights chart the course for Africa’s rapid economic ascent.

White Paper

Accelerating Wealth Creation For Middle-Class Africans & Diasporans

This white paper addresses the factors that prevent the middle-class from creating wealth. It advocates for accelerated prosperity through cooperatives (investment clubs), cross-border investing, and remittances.