African diaspora, a globally scattered community of individuals with shared roots, has long been recognized for its potential to contribute to the continent’s development. From July 26 to August 8, 2023, we had the distinct honor of gathering this vibrant community in three power-packed events in Atlanta, Houston, and Washington DC. The objective: To explore the potential of African investments and to unite the diaspora in celebrating African prosperity.

Hosted both in Europe and the US, these semi-formal gatherings were not your typical networking events. They were a fusion of passion, knowledge, and culture. Attendees had the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, savor exquisite African cuisine, and absorb impactful presentations that were enriching and illuminating.

But the roadshow was more than just a series of events. It was a platform for learning, sharing, and, above all, empowering the African diaspora to leverage their unique strengths and contribute meaningfully to the continent’s prosperity. Providing a platform for bridge-building within the African diaspora, these semi-formal events explored the past, present, and potential future of African investments. Participants indulged in networking opportunities, savored exquisite cuisine, and absorbed presentations designed to educate, engage, and inspire. 

How to Invest in Africa: Tips from the Experts

Central to the roadshow was the insightful White Paper, “Accelerating Wealth Creation for Middle-class Africans & Diasporans”. This comprehensive document unveiled strategies for closing wealth gaps, revealing that Africans in the diaspora can create wealth 7-10x faster. Attendees were introduced to a plethora of actionable, tailored investment options, including the Volition Diaspora Fund, Vizient Coop, Custom Investment Planning, and the Opportunik Global Fund (for non-US persons). 

Industry leaders and successful investors shared their practical experiences and advice, unveiling strategies that reduce taxes through smart investments, thus amplifying the potential gains for African diasporans. 

Networking with Passionate Individuals

Apart from financial education, the roadshow served as a networking hub. It enabled like-minded individuals to connect, share ideas, and explore joint business ventures. This will strengthen the communal ties within the diaspora. 

Personalized African Investor Profiles 

The roadshow also introduced an AI-powered platform that creates a unique, African-themed investor profile based on a ten-question survey. This feature added a fun, personalized touch, making each attendee’s investment journey more engaging and insightful. 

Fostering Stronger Ties Between Africans and Diasporans

The enthusiasm shared for creating opportunities for Africans in the diaspora was warmly acknowledged in a gracious email. The organizers extended their gratitude to attendees for their active participation in this transformative movement. 

Our Celebration of African Prosperity Diaspora Roadshow was more than just a series of events. It was a vibrant, enlightening, unifying experience that heralded a bright, prosperous future, actively shaped by its participants. 

We are grateful to everyone who played a role in this remarkable journey. The future is bright, and we eagerly anticipate the success stories that are sure to follow.

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