Imagine a year where every month ushered in possibilities, and where a visionary team charted an unprecedented course in investment management. This was the story of Opportunik Global Fund (OGF) in 2023 – the innovative use of alternative investing to unlock African prosperity.

The Grand Unveiling

May 2023 was a historic moment as OGF debuted on the world stage. Picture the scene: a live broadcast on CNBC Africa, where CEO, Kola Oyeneyin’s bold vision of African prosperity and how innovative investments can create tremendous returns resonated deeply. It wasn’t just a launch but a birth of a new era in wealth creation.

Triumphs of the Third Quarter

As leaves turned golden in the third quarter, OGF showcased a financial performance akin to a well-orchestrated symphony. We delivered a robust gross return, outshining industry benchmarks and expectations.

The AuM Ascent

In a single month, OGF’s assets under management (AuM) soared by 30%, reaching new highs. This chapter of growth was a testament to the confidence of our investors, who believe in a future where prosperity can be common to all. 

Unveiling the “Unlocking African Prosperity” report

OGF unveiled a manifesto of sorts – the “Unlocking African Prosperity” report. It delved into a story that argues persuasively for alternative investments as Africa’s golden key for sustainable wealth. This report made it to the reading list of Hult Business School, London. 

Strong Outing at UNGA 2023

Opportunik made a significant showing at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2023 by co-hosting an official side event in partnership with Allison at the World Trade Center in New York. 

This platform allowed us to showcase our commitment to African economic development and to share insights from the “Unlocking African Prosperity” report with a global audience, establishing OGF as a thought leader.

Digital Renaissance

2023 witnessed Opportunik’s digital transformation, unveiling a web app that’s not just a tool, but a gateway to investment empowerment. This is where technology meets user aspirations and convenience.

Becoming a Fund of Funds

Enter Sahara, Sahel, Nile, and Zambezi – four CIMA-licensed funds that are not just investment vehicles but vessels of opportunity and diversity, each with its unique targets and promise.

Epilogue: Gratitude & New Horizons

As we close the chapter on a year of milestones, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the trust placed in us. Looking to 2024, we see a future brimming with opportunities and prosperity.

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