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A UN General Assembly side event

Unlocking African

Opportunities, Challenges, and the Role of the Diaspora

8:30am – 10:30am • September 22, 2023 • 65th Floor,
1 World Trade Center, New York


The event is an exclusive breakfast conversation with Claudine Moore, Managing Director, Africa, Allison, Kola Oyeneyin, and Subomi Plumptre as speakers. 

The event will feature the release of the ‘Unlocking African Prosperity’ Report, which provides a deep analysis of the potential of wealth and prosperity in Africa, and the role of the diaspora in accelerating it.

The private event will also include a roundtable discussion with experts and practitioners from various sectors, such as technology, finance, media, and entertainment, who will share their insights and experiences on how the diaspora can leverage their collective power and innovation to create sustainable wealth and prosperity for themselves and the continent.


Claudine Moore

Managing Director, Africa, Allison

Kola Oyeneyin

CEO, Opportunik Global Fund

Subomi Plumptre

CEO, Volition Cap


Unlocking African Prosperity