Equities Trader- Emerging and Frontier Markets


Role in Brief

Opportunik Advisory Ltd seeks an Equities Trader. The trader will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to achieve a minimum annualized return of 30%, across emerging and frontier markets, within the prescribed trading mandate and internal risk & governance controls.
The trader will develop equities trading strategies to support the company’s profitability. The ideal Equities Trader has hands-on experience trading equities in emerging and frontier markets.

About Opportunik Global Fund & Advisory

Opportunik Global Fund is a Cayman Islands licensed and Mauritius Administered fund management company, with a mission to unlock prosperity for Africans through alternative investments. Its Advisory affiliate (Opportunik Advisory) uses complex data, research and technical analyses to advise private clients (retail and institutions) on global asset classes with upside potential. It also receives and executes capital raise mandates across Africa.

Mode of Engagement

Full-time with a probation period of 6 months

Primary Job Location

Hybrid & flexible

Reporting Line

Head of Treasury and Trading

Roles and Responsibilities

Trade Execution

  • Create an equities trading portfolio and commence trading.
  • Develop equities trading strategies to support the trading unit profitability.
  • Attend and contribute to trading strategy sessions/trading committee meetings (monthly).
  • Attend and contribute to the group’s team meetings (annual).
  • Establish equities trading lines with external counterparties.
  • Actively compile, implement, and monitor all equities trading plans and strategies.
  • Monitor news, keeping track of the market and other pertinent developments relevant to equities trading.
  • Monitor real-time market fluctuations to actively trade equities and contribute to the trading unit’s profitability.
  • Deliver a minimum annualized return of 30%.
  • Discuss the short to long-term cyclical developments within equities (daily).
  • Provide trading plans for equities (weekly).
  • Provide voice notes and market notes on equities trading activity, market conditions, or observed trends as contributions to the publication of podcasts and market notes (monthly).

Risk Management 

  • Manage equities trading risk on behalf of the trading unit. 
  • Achieve an appropriate risk profile in line with the trading unit’s strategy, standards, and risk tolerance. 
  • Actively comply and adhere to all internal controls, procedures, and documentation including but not limited to execution of stop-loss strategy, portfolio allocation, code of conduct, trading mandate, and trading practices manual.
  • Fully understand and remain up-to-date on all legislation governing equities trading.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with respect to equities trading.
  • Maintain accurate records of all equities trades and transactions by actively tracking and submitting equities trading blotter to relevant internal counterparties (daily).
  • Reconcile equities position and portfolio with the Market Risk Manager (daily).
  • Ensure satisfactory internal audit reports (annual).
  • Actively dissolve all internal audit outstanding items.

Investment Objectives and Guidelines

  • The sole objective of the trader is to use his expertise in equities to grow the company’s portfolio and to make returns.
  • All trades shall be done on the company’s registered platforms and apps.
  • The trading portfolio will be subject to the company’s risk management process and will be overseen by the Risk Manager and Head of Treasury and Trading.

Skills and Values

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and follow-through.
  • Cultural intelligence and deep knowledge of international economics, trade, markets, and finance.
  • Proven hands-on experience managing an equities portfolio across emerging and frontier markets.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • An analytical mind comfortable with numbers.
  • Track record of meeting and exceeding targets.
  • Energy, drive, and aptitude for delivering results 
  • A degree in Business, Commerce, Economics, or any relevant field
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of work experience in a similar role.
  • Experience in financial services is an advantage. 

Remuneration and Perks

  • Competitive remuneration in line with industry benchmarks 
  • Health insurance 
  • Housing allowance 
  • Birthday allowance 
  • Work-from-home options 
  • Full pay during leave period 
  • Staff-only investment opportunities 
  • High degree of autonomy & flexibility